Most people rarely pay attention to the act of breathing – we trust our lungs to do their job automatically day in day out, keeping us alive. Unless our respiratory system is weak, we usually take breathing for granted. Many of us only take shallow breaths. Because we do not use our full lung capacity […]


We are surrounded by a subtle energy world that affects our physical health, our minds, our emotions, our creativity and our spirituality. All life forms, including humans, are surrounded by bio-energy fields. And it is through these fields that we interact on a subtle level with each other, with all other living things, and with […]


When we say the words “Energy crisis” immediately we think of rising fuel costs, global warming, diminishing oil reserves, etc. Almost everyone has heard of the global crisis in non-renewable energy resources and are rightly concerned about where we are heading in the future. However, there is another energy crisis that is affecting us much […]

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