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Energy is Real!

about Energy Is Real!

Outstanding! This highly informative and very practical book will teach you how to manage your energy so you can have the life you truly want for yourself. As a practicing clinician of 30 years, I consider this an absolutely must-have book for personal growth.

Beverley Pugh, Registered Clinical Counselor, Vancouver BC, Canada


Your Energy is the KEY to Changing Your Life

Discover how managing your personal energy can dramatically improve your health and happiness, including:

  • Better health—Learn how to boost vitality, endurance and strength within minutes.
  • Improved mood—Lift your mental state quickly and easily by changing your energy.
  • Empowerment—Use subtle energy to assert yourself effectively and positively in any situation.
  • Better relationships—Strong energy boundaries let you honor your own needs, while respecting others. 
  • Improved work environments—Energy skills can change conflict situations into creative win-win situations, improving your work life.
  • More creativity and passion—Understanding your energy nature frees up your creative expression and zest for life.

Want to start experiencing these benefits for yourself?  

Our book Energy Is Real!—A Practical Guide for Managing Personal Energy in Daily Life, gives you easy, illustrated instructions and plenty of fun, practical exercises that teach you how to manage your energy effectively so you too can create more health and happiness in your life.

Bonus: Includes free downloadable audio recordings and PDF worksheets for the exercises.


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about Energy Is Real!

Claudette and Gail have done a masterful job in demystifying and exploring how to work with our own energy system. They teach us how to tap into one of our most valuable resources to promote health and well-being. Their book is filled with fun, easy and motivating self- care practices to incorporate into our daily lives. I highly recommend it for people who wish to live life to the fullest at any age!

—Therese MacDonald, Registered Clinical Counselor, Surrey BC, Canada


About the Authors

Gail Christel Behrend co-author of Energy Is Real!

Gail Christel Behrend

Gail Christel Behrend is an engineer, speaker, writer, healer and certified Infinite Possibilities trainer. A graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami Florida, she has been an energy practitioner for over 20 years.



Claudette Anna Bouchard

Claudette Anna Bouchard is a speaker, writer, mentor, life energy coach and certified end-of-life doula/coach/instructor.  A graduate of the School of Energy Mastery in Sedona Arizona, she has over 30 years experience as an energy consultant.


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