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Websites on Subtle Energy Research*


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The Subtle Energy Research Laboratory at CIHS was established in 1992 by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, founder of CIHS, as a pioneering center to pursue multidisciplinary studies of human subtle energy. It presents a holistic new paradigm of the human being as integrated Body-Mind-Spirit inter-connected functionally through the workings of subtle energies.



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The website of Daniel Benor, MD, author of Healing Research, Vol. 1-IV. offers an amazing body of research evidence – presented on this website as articles, books and reference lists – which confirm that spiritual and energy healing really works.


HeartMath Institute (HMI)
Research Center

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The HeartMath Institute (HMI) is a recognized global leader in emotional physiology and stress-management research. Expanding areas of interest include furthering scientific understanding of the human biofield, global coherence, intuition and the emotional energetic system. 


Institute of Noetic Sciences

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The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a nonprofit organization that conducts basic science and laboratory research on mind-matter interactions and  the impact of transformational experiences on wellness. 


Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal

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The Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal ceased publication in 2011, but the articles are still a valuable source of scientific information about human energy.  Select the Archives tab to access the PDFs of all 21 volumes.


WILLIAM A. TILLER Institute for Psychoenergetic Science

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The William A Tiller Institute designs and conducts careful laboratory experiments in the psychoenergetics area to reveal how human consciousness interacts with the various energies and materials of the physical plane and other aspects of our overall reality.


Papers and Articles on Subtle Energy Research*

Harold Burr: Measuring the Electromagnetics of Life

R. E. Matthews, M.S.

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Harold Burr, M.D., at Yale in the 1930s and 40s, demonstrated with sophisticated measuring devices that electrical fields surround all living organisms, and he was able to describe electrical patterns that distinguish health from illness. He also found that physical illness is preceded by changes in an organism’s electromagnetic field. 


HeartMath Institute Research Library Articles & Papers

Various HMI Authors

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A number of studies conducted at HMI have demonstrated the effects of subtle energies on changes in the conformational states of DNA and the structure of water. HeartMath Institute research library provides an extensive collection of research studies, articles and other materials.



Dr. Yury Kronn, PhD

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Recent scientific discoveries have fostered a new model of the nature of creation and our universe.  Ironically, this new model may be another way of expressing what ancient visionaries told us thousands of years ago. Access to Vital Force Technology Research library is free, but you’ll need to submit your email address.


TIller Institute Psychoenergetic Science Whitepapers

William A. TIller, PhD

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Dr. Tiller describes the results of his experiments that support the postulate that subtle energy signals that are not directly observable by physical means do create transduced electric and magnetic signals that have observable physical effects. The results also suggest that human intention is an effective driver of events in the physical domain.


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