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The World of Human Energy

We are surrounded by a subtle energy world that affects our physical health, our minds, our emotions, our creativity and our spirituality. All life forms, including humans, are surrounded by bio-energy fields. And it is through these fields that we interact on a subtle level with each other, with all other living things, and with the Earth itself.

We are equipped with a complete set of energetic senses that are just as real and as natural as the physical senses we are familiar with. For example, we can usually sense when someone is trying to manipulate us, even though we can’t quite explain how we know this. What is happening here is that our intuitive sense is picking up the manipulation currents at a subtle energy level. Though we may dismiss our intuitive information as just our imagination, the effects are certainly real – we end up saying “yes”, even though we swore we would say “No!” this time.

We can also sense energy kinesthetically – for example, the energy in a room can feel heavy, sticky, stale, slimy, creepy, warm, tingly or even invigorating, depending on what just happened there.

We can sense energy emotionally— for example, the energy in a hospital is often sensed as a feeling of vague discomfort or dread. Conversely, the energy on a mountain top can evoke a feeling of joy and peace or exhilaration.

Some people can sense energy with their inner vision – for example, energy healers are trained to “see” energy blockages in their clients’ fields.
This process is similar to visualizing something (like when we imagine how the living room would look if we painted it green,) except that healers have learned how to use this inner vision to receive information, rather than trying to direct it.

Another type of energy sense is inner knowing; for example when thrust into a life-threatening emergency, we may become very calm and somehow know exactly what action to take; this may take the form of a calm inner voice directing us or we may just “know”. We may collapse into terror and panic afterwards, but in the moment we are calm and clear while taking action.

What has happened here is that the urgency of the situation has caused us to temporarily open our awareness to the larger energetic picture, which allows us to make the right choices to save ourselves or others.

Finally, we have the ability to sense the energy of love. Love is more than just an emotion. It is a nourishing energy that has tremendous creative and healing properties. Works of music, poetry, art and writings that were inspired by love transcend the boundaries of time, space, nationality, race or gender. We are still profoundly affected by them centuries after they were created. It is that energy of love that we sense “deep in our hearts”.

Energy affects every aspect of our lives. The amount of physical energy we have affects our health and vitality and our ability to handle stress. Our emotional energy affects our moods and our ability to experience feelings alone and with others. The condition of our mental energy affects our ability to think and communicate clearly, as well as our ability to make decisions. And our spiritual energy affects our ability to love, to find meaning and fulfillment in our lives and to motivate and inspire others.

In our western culture, we tend to ignore the messages coming to us from our own energy senses about the imbalances in our bodies, in our relationships and in our environment. Unfortunately, if not dealt with, those imbalances eventually develop into the health problems, relationship conflicts, and other stressful events of our lives.

The good news is that we can learn how to pay attention to the energy messages we are receiving. We can learn to take care of our energy fields so that our health remains strong and vital. And we can learn to manage our energy in daily life situations so that we are not thrown off balance so easily by other people and external events.

On a bigger scale, if we want to achieve lasting world peace and global harmony, this can only happen when each of us takes responsibility for our own energies. For when we use our energy with integrity, it quite naturally leads us to extending our sensitivity and respect to each other, towards other species and towards our planet. Energy is real. Let us each do our part to claim our energies and to learn how to use them wisely.

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