Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a list of frequently asked questions about managing  personal energy.

Q: Is there any scientific proof that subtle energy is real?

Yes. Many scientific studies have proven the reality of subtle energy and the effects of human energy on plants and objects. For links to several scientific articles and papers that describe subtle energy studies, click here.

Q: If energy awareness is a natural part of us, why do most of us lose that awareness?

As children, many of us learned that what we were sensing didn’t always correlate with what the adults in our lives were insisting was true. This is confusing for a child. We may have tried to ask questions about what we were experiencing, but because our parents had shut off their own sensitivity, they may have dismissed it as just an overactive imagination or may even have accused us of lying. And so for survival purposes we decided that it was easier and safer to ignore the information coming from our own energetic senses and to believe what the adults were saying instead.

Q: What about people who are highly sensitive? How did they develop their awareness?

Children are instinctively sensitive to energy. While a few highly sensitive people had supportive childhood environments that encouraged them to explore their energy senses, many energy-sensitive people had stressful home environments during childhood. They used their energy awareness to sense family members’ emotional states. That way, they knew when it was safe to approach difficult family members and when it was best to avoid them. Eventually, they became highly sensitive to the slightest nuances so they could protect themselves in time.

Q: How does the news of large-scale catastrophes like wars, terrorist acts or natural disasters affect us?

These events create an energy upset of global proportions that moves like a shock wave across the planet. If we take the time to notice our energy field, we can sense the impact.

When upsetting external events impinge on our fields, self-care is our top priority. We need to create safety first by getting grounded, becoming present and creating a protective bubble around our energy field.

From that protective space, we can pray or send love to the victims. If the love inside us inspires us to act, we can take suitable action to help. (Because fear or anger can distort our thinking, it’s important that we feel love in our hearts before choosing what action to take.)

If the situation doesn’t need any personal action from us, we can clear our fields of the upsetting energy so it doesn’t continue to affect us negatively for the rest of the day. Our book  explains how to create a protective bubble or clear your energy field.

Q: How can I stay safe in relationships without pushing people away?

It’s important to note that your energy affects other people, even when you’re in your bubble. You are not separate. So while you have the protective space of your bubble around you, your energy still affects others. When you’re in calm, loving state, you’ll evoke positive rather than negative reactions and behaviors from others. Because your energy feels safe to them, people will be more inclined to trust you and cooperate with you. So rather than pushing them away, your bubble actually helps you to communicate more easily with others.

Q: I’m shy, what can I do to feel comfortable meeting new people in a social situation?

First, ground to become present in your body. Then, create your bubble, feel the love in your heart and get in touch with that feeling of safety. The safety of your bubble will give you the courage to risk connecting with others. In addition, the loving energy within your bubble will help others to connect with you.

You may find that it helps to practice being in your bubble on your own first, using imagined scenarios of meeting people. Once you’re able to manage your bubble comfortably with these imagined scenarios then you can practice taking your bubble into real social situations.

Q: When my next-door neighbors fight, I feel stressed. What can I do?

Witnessing an argument or fight is energetically upsetting. It scares us and we become ungrounded because of what they are doing. We’re letting others influence our thoughts and feelings.

Detach your thoughts from the negative details of your neighbors’ argument. Ground yourself. Then create your energy bubble. Once you feel safe within, stay in your heart and try radiating love to those who are fighting. After they stop, make sure you clear your field of their negative emotional energy, using one of the clearing techniques in our book. That way, you won’t carry their negative energy into your own life.

Q: When I stay as a guest in someone’s home, I become forgetful and easily distracted. Why is that?

When we’re a guest in someone’s home, we’re surrounded by their personal energies, as well as the energy environment of their home. We’re in their territory, which makes us feel energetically uncomfortable. When this happens, we may move our energies partially out of our bodies. This can cause a “spaced out” or scattered feeling.

As guests, we also tend to behave on our hosts’ terms. If we stay in this environment long enough, we can lose our sense of self. We may become robotic, like a child waiting to be told what to do. We may feel there is nowhere to go to be alone or we may tell ourselves, “Why be alone when I came to visit them?”

In a situation like this, immediately use the grounding technique. That will bring your energies back into to your body.

Once you’re present in your body, then you can create your bubble and connect with yourself as described in our book. This will give you the sense of safety you need to communicate authentically with your hosts or if needed, to create some time alone for yourself.