Book Reviews

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“Energy is Real! is a fantastic introduction for anyone wanting to learn more about this important and life-changing aspect of human life.”
—Alexandra Amor, author of Cult, A Love Story, Vancouver BC, Canada

“Outstanding! This highly informative and very practical book will teach you how to manage your energy so you can have the life you truly want for yourself. As a practicing clinician of 30 years, I consider this an absolutely must-have book for personal growth.”
—Beverley Pugh, Registered Clinical Counselor, Vancouver BC, Canada

“Claudette and Gail have done a masterful job in demystifying and exploring how to work with our own energy system. They teach us how to tap into one of our most valuable resources to promote health and well-being. Their book is filled with fun, easy and motivating self- care practices to incorporate into our daily lives. I highly recommend it for people who wish to live life to the fullest at any age!”
—Therese MacDonald, Registered Clinical Counselor, Surrey BC, Canada

“Gail and Claudette’s book Energy is Real is engaging and refreshing. It takes the reader on a journey of self discovery of their energy bodies with easy to understand language and exercises . I would love to have had this book when I first started to learn about the wonderful world of energy. This book can change your life! I will be recommending it to my clients and friends for sure!”
—Catherine Ralphs, RN, Vancouver BC, Canada

“Just like a manual for learning to drive, this book teaches you how to utilize and harness the vehicle of your own energy. It’s fun, practical and very informative. Try it out!”
—Dr. S.A. McMurtry, Reiki Master, Vancouver BC, Canada

“I think this is a fabulous starter book for anyone wanting to learn more about energy and how to apply it in everyday situations!”
—Donna Evans-Strauss, Psychologist, Doylestown, PA