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Papers and Articles on Subtle Energy Research

  • Harold Burr’s Biofields: Measuring the Electromagnetics of Life
    by Ronald E. Matthews, M.S.

    Harold Burr, M.D., at Yale in the 1930s and 40s, demonstrated with sophisticated measuring devices that electrical fields surround all living organisms, and he was able to describe electrical patterns that distinguish health from illness. Most astounding, he found not only correspondences between specific pathologies and the electrical characteristics of related organs, but that physical illness is preceded by changes in an organism’s electromagnetic field. This paper tells you exactly what he did and how he did it.

  • HeartMath Institute Research Library
    A number of studies conducted at HMI have demonstrated the effects of subtle energies on changes in the conformational states of DNA and the structure of water. HeartMath Institute research library provides an extensive collection of research studies, articles and other materials.
  • Whitepapers by William A. Tiller, PhD

    Dr. Tiller describes the results of his experiments that support the postulate that subtle energy signals that are not directly observable by physical means do create a transduced signal at the magnetic vector potential field level of the physical realms. Within the concepts of our standard electrodynamics, the transduction of the subtle energy signals generates electric and magnetic signals that have observable physical effects. The experimental results are also suggestive that human intention when applied to unseen subtle domains is the effective driver of events seen in the physical domain.

  • Subtle Energy and Cellular Research by Dr. Yury Kronn, PhD;

    Recent scientific discoveries have fostered a new model of the nature of creation and our universe. This model lends itself to an explanation and understanding of the nature of Energy Medicine. Ironically, this new model may be another way of expressing what ancient visionaries told us thousands of years ago. Access to Vital Force Technology Research library is free, but you’ll need to submit your email address.

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