Your Energy is the KEY to Changing Your Life

Your personal energy weaves invisibly throughout the fabric of your life. It’s present in the unspoken communication that occurs between people, in the subtle shifts in power, in the maneuverings for attention and in the manipulative, comforting or inspiring currents that affect you in your relationships. Your energy is an integral part of who you are and how you perceive the world.

Your sense of self comes from an inner awareness of your life-force, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, memories, desires and ideals. You can’t see these things, yet you know they exist and are what make you unique. The term “personal energy” refers collectively to these subtle, nonphysical aspects of your being. This is the YOU who thinks, feels and takes action in your life.

When people consciously manage their energy they can create powerful changes in their lives. After decades of personally seeing the effects of energy both in our own lives and in those of our clients, we’ve seen it happen thousands of times. Benefits of managing your energy include:

  • Better health—When you’re able to restore energy flow to areas where you’ve repressed or frozen your energy, you can relieve pain or heal yourself of chronic illness. Energy techniques enable you to boost vitality, endurance and strength within minutes. You can also improve your mood or mental state quickly and easily by changing your energy.
  • Empowerment—When you’re aware of energy, you’re less likely to be deceived by those who try to manipulate you. You also have the energy skills to assert yourself effectively in any situation. When you understand the energetic results of your actions, you make wiser decisions and become more responsible for your behavior. Rather than blaming others, you begin to do what it takes to improve your own life.
  • Improved relationships—By creating an energetic buffer of safety around you, you feel calmer and less anxious in relationship. You’re able to honor your own needs, while respecting others. You feel safe enough to allow deeper intimacy with loved ones. Your positive energy makes you more attractive to others and because your energy feels good to them, people are more likely to trust and support you.
  • Better work environments—Energy skills can change conflict situations into creative win-win situations, improving your work life and relations with colleagues. You feel more motivated and more confident. You become a highly-valued team member. Your company also benefits from higher productivity and profitability.
  • More creativity and passion—As you use your energy awareness to explore the truth of who you are, you’ll discover many of your previously accepted roles and beliefs to be false or limited. Once you open to your energy nature, you free yourself for more creativity and exploration. You have more passion and zest for life.

Now you can begin experiencing these benefits for yourself. Our book, Energy Is Real!—A Practical Guide for Managing Personal Energy in Daily Life, gives you easy, illustrated instructions and plenty of fun, practical exercises that teach you how to manage your energy effectively so you too can create more health and happiness in your life.

“Outstanding! This highly informative and very practical book will teach you how to manage your energy so you can have the life you truly want for yourself. As a practicing clinician of 30 years, I consider this an absolutely must-have book for personal growth. “
—Beverley Pugh, Registered Clinical Counselor, Vancouver BC, Canada Read more reviews…

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