Getting Started – A Roadmap

Want to learn how to sense and manage your personal energy?

Here is a roadmap you can follow to get started:

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  2. Learn more about the scientific basis for subtle energy. We provide links to the scientific research about subtle energy, so we can keep you updated on the latest research as soon as we discover it.
  3. Start reading the book. Our book Energy Is Real!—A Practical Guide for Managing Personal Energy in Daily Life provides easy explanations and step-by-step illustrated exercises to help you to learn how to sense and manage your personal energy right in the comfort of your own home.
  4. Keep checking this website. We update our website frequently with new articles, tips, tools, links and downloads. We suggest bookmarking this site  so you can find it again easily. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed for automatic notification of updates.
  5. Perfect your skills. Whether you want to learn advanced energy skills or just want personal advice to deal with specific situations in your life, we can help. We offer one-on-one mentoring, and live events such as seminars, workshops and intensives to support you in reaching your learning goals.
  6. Unblock your energy. If illness or self-sabotage is keeping you stuck in your life, you may have some energy blocks that are causing unconscious resistance to creating the life you want. A personal energy session with a professional energy practitioner can help to clear those blocks so you can start moving forward towards the life you want. Sessions are available in person and by phone.

There are lots of ways to take what you learn here and apply it in your own life. Our goal is to give you the information, training, tools and support to manage your personal energy successfully so you can create the life your want. And you won’t have to do it alone either – we’ll be here to answer questions and encourage you throughout the journey.

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