Energy Awareness

Why is Energy Awareness Important?

When you have low energy, it’s bound to affect your life. Low physical vitality makes it more difficult to work or do what you love. When you don’t have much emotional vitality, you feel burdened by the demands of your loved ones and may lash out at them—your relationships suffer. When your mental energies are low, you may feel confused and make poor decisions or you may let others decide things for you. When your spirit is down, life may feel empty, hopeless or overwhelming.

When your energies are strong and healthy, your life improves dramatically. You have energy to spare. Your relationships become fun and joyful. Your love flows. Your mind is clear and decisive. Your sense of self expands and your creativity bubbles up with new ideas for self-expression. Life becomes exciting and meaningful.

Energy awareness is the first step to achieving health and balance. It helps you to sense where you’re stopping the flow of your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual life force and how this leads to a similar imbalance in your life. This larger awareness enables you to understand what changes you need to make to bring your energy and your life back into balance.

Learn how to manage your energy to improve your life.